About Us
Need to contact a Moderator? Email us at mods@osundead.com
Or text us at 541-862-1628
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Our History
The first OSU HVZ game was played at Wilson Hall in the spring of 2008. It spread across campus soon after.
To get a hold of us, email mods@osundead.com
Executive moderators
Jim Scanlan(President)
Jim is majoring in sociology and statistics and hopes to go on towards a PhD in sociology after working for a public sector or non profit research organization. Jim likes dogs, cooking, dialectical materialism and cats. His favorite part of HvZ is escorting humans around and chasing zombies.
Jacob McCarthy(Vice President)
Jacob is majoring in Computer Science and has been on mod squad for 5 years. He enjoys hunting zombies and generally being an over agressive human. He also enjoys being plot characters during the game.
Sheri Long(Rules)
Sheri Long is a senior in Public Health and Psychology, and she likes training dogs. Specifically her Border Collie Zoey, who is an obnoxious goober and the greatest dog ever. Her favorite part of HvZ is escorting new players and showing people the ropes.
Andrew WIlson(Missions)
Andrew is a 5th year undergraduate with a major in Biology. He really enjoys game design, and thus enjoys leading the missions development committee. His goal for the upcoming games is to attempt to put some new life back into the game and make it more accessible to people from all walks of life.
Seth Freeman(Admin and Player Recruitment/Outreach)
Seth is a Junior in Environmental Science, he likes game design, hiking, blasting zombies and eating humans. He favorite part of HvZ is how it is able to bring people together and form a community of individuals, whom otherwise would never have met eachother.
Matt Zakrevsky(Treasurer)
Matthew "Matt Zak" Zakrevsky is a fourth year student in the College of EECS. He has been the treasurer since Fall 2015. He enjoys the game for the community that has been created as a result of the hard work of the moderators over the last few years.