About Us
Need to contact a Moderator? Email us at mods@osundead.com
Or text us at 541-862-1628
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Our History
We are the Humans Vz Zombies game at Oregon State University. Our first game was played in Wilson Hall in the spring of 2008. It spread across campus soon after. Our larger games have spanned upwards of 400 players with over 25 moderators ruinning games of 9 days. We currently run two 5+1 day games each year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Sometimes we also run a one-day game in the Winter.
We currently have 13 Moderators who collectively spend hundreds of work-hours each year to keep this game running and growing. Our goal is to create a game that can be enjoyed by a diverse player base and can provide not only a week of fun, but also offer the same sense of community and connections for our players as it did for us.
To get a hold of us, email mods@osundead.com
Brandon Yep
David Boulanger
Glenn Hershberger
Grace Gholston
Khord Mamis
Lorelei Millund
Marcus Hall
Paden Atkinson
Scott Hershberger
Shelby Lofton
Sydney Childers